“Isn’t it a Pity”


Pattie Boyd and George Harrison at Abbey Road studios during the orchestral recording session for “A Day In The Life” (Feb. 10, 1967). [x]

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paul and linda mccartney being adorable while on tour, circa. 1972-73.

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Dear Friend
Paul McCartney & Wings
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John,Paul and Stu/Hamburg 1960.

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Now, isn't it a shame?
Tumblr devoted most of the 60's muse, Pattie Boyd and among other things on my personal tastes, etc. I'm also crazy for the Beatles, a passion too great by and by George and John do not like them, you can turn around. I intend to post things related to them, in addition to writing some facts about them. And I'm Brazilian girl. xxxx She'll put on her make up and brushes her long blond hair.
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